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    Between two Horizons
    A book of poems

    by Prabal Pramanik

    sublime poetry....
    Employing picturesque photographs of the village Bhamlada in Himalayan foothills taken by Arup Chandra the verses explore the deeper meaning of life– if life has a greater significance than just being alive. Sure enough Prabal does believe there is and seeks it. ‘‘Between two horizons I stand, stretching out my hand to feel my own perimeter.’’
                              – Hindustan Times


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    The Unknown Path
    A book of poems
    by Prabal Pramanik


    This collection of spiritual poems throws light on Prabal Pramanik’s personal world. “Through these poems,” he says: “I have voiced some aspects of my life and my relationship with this world.” In this one, he hails the concept of life as everlasting, but adding that indeed, some moments can contain the essence of eternity The book also comprises photographs captured by Arup Chandra to good effect on the book.
                                   – Hindustan Times


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Reflective Poetry
The Distant Call and Dreams and Illusions

A book of poems
by Prabal Pramanik


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Prabal Pramanik’s Reflective Poetry

Between two horizons I stand,
Stretching out my hand,
to feel my own perimeter.

That perimeter I sought,
In lives I think of not,
At present moments.

As far as the eye can go,
through clouds high and low,
I seek that final line.

Ever since the Paleolithic times, human beings all over the planet had been asking some basic questions about their existence and their place in the world around them.
People in every social structure had been trying to find answers about many unexplained truths about an inner consciousness in nature.
People were aware of the existence of the inner consciousness in nature, beyond the realm of the apparent even in the earliest days of human civilization.
Explanations about the metaphysical world had been sought in mythologies, in religious doctrines, in logical explanations and by contemplating on the unseen force, conscious and sublime.
Different schools of philosophy have been created through such contemplations.
The thought processing power of human intellect have often tried to reach out to the infinite within the finite limitations of life through such meditative contemplations.
The reflective power of the mind that delves deep in the soul in search of the truth beyond the apparent, attempting to draw aside the curtains of biased illusions can transform the humen psyche and elevate the soul to a greater level of spiritual evolution.
Neither material wealth, nor technological expertise can create such magical metaphorsis.
The realization comes to the individual in a very personalized way yet the power of the realization broadens the psychic dimensions of the individual concerned to a stage when the individual consciousness spreads out to be at one with the infinite consciousness all around him or her, surpassing the material barriers, dissolving narrow concepts of personal gain or loss.
To reach this stage of much greater perception, the mind of the concerned individual has to leave the controversies of conflicting social dictums far behind.
Many greater truths that had been hidden are unveiled to that individual in higher spiritual state and a different realm opens up revealing greater truths.

In another world, unknown truths remain.
Remain untold, to common mortal ears.
Wisdom, many fold guarded,
Lest it falls in inept hands
Lest it be defiled by unfit minds,
A secret guarded by nature, by apparent forms,
Unrevealing beyond the material aspects.
The truth untouched by limited rationality,
The truth underlying the apparent,
At a point of infinity,
Where, the paradoxes of-
What does happen,
What does not happen,
What will happen and
What will not happen,
Merge into one single consciousness.

Social values and compulsions are discarded in the process of spiritual evolution and the inner consciousness of the soul in conscious meditative contemplation starts viewing this world in the light of the truth beyond the illusions created by the animal urges.
A process of normalization begins when the mind of the concerned individual starts shedding social biases that had been pressurizing the mind in many direct and indirect ways, creating "imposed" values and misconceptions.
Social misconceptions that had been imposed on the individual since childhood start dissolving when the mind becomes more and more free to accept the light of truth.
This light alone can illuminate the path to spiritual liberation. Liberation from "samskaras" or the value system imposed over the years by the social environment and customs is one of the important steps of spiritual discipline.

Break forth O’light,
Break forth through oppressive gloom.
This dark and uncertain sky,
Is life with day to day pressures.
Pressures that mount by days, by hours, by moments
Let me sustain O’light,
Thy message of Eternity,
Let me accept O’light
Thy deepest wisdom,
Wisdom through pain and sorrow.
Through moments of despair and darkness,
Yet as pure and strong as a flash of the light.

The concepts of sorrow and happiness begin to change with the different mental setup and the path of spiritual discipline manifests in a much clearer manner to the concerned individual.
The individual, as I have observed from my own position in different stages of "sadhana", or spiritual discipline, finds it difficult if not impossible to adjust to many generally accepted social values and goals. So, quite naturally the person on a "conscious yogic journey" that is little understood by the society in general, becomes some what of a social misfit who yearns for a greater spiritual freedom.

Do I write these lines in fantasy?
Are the contemplations on dreams
just unsubstantial
gossamer threads
that melt into the air?
Do my thoughts
on my dreams
build up a world
more substantial than
the reality limited between
life and death?

Your answers to the
questions of life you
accept according to
your level of understanding
and sensitivity.

Many around me
settle their scores with
life with their concepts of
gain and loss in this material world.
Ideas of success that are based
on such concepts
may be illusions too,
fenced in by prejudice
and vanities of narrow
values imposed by
some institution called society.

It is a freedom that allows the mind of the me to view and understand the world around with a clarity allowing me to realize the actual truth that is eternal and infinite, more eternal than the stars and universes, as infinite as all pervading supreme consciousness. This feeling carries me on in my Path.

Is it an unknown path
that I tread?
Each step either measuring its step
moving with the careless stumbling gait,
to an unknown destination.

Future was calculated by many ever since my birth,
hopes, fears and propositions
about an uncertain future
played in the mind of
my dutiful mother,
other relations perhaps cared less.
I in my crib cared
nothing more than the momentary comfort.

The world introduced
itself through many moods and colours,
and time played its own part
in marking the phases of this path.
Older people around myself
thought they knew so much
about my way of life,–
how I should grow up, what should
be my norms and what should
make me fit for the society.
In truth they knew
only that moment and thought
themselves to be wise, with
wisdom gathered upto that moment only.
In truth they knew nothing much
about my life or their lives
beyond that moment.

The path lay ahead–
the unknown path,
the path that I had traversed
for centuries, for millenniums.
I had walked on that path with
imposed identities, in dark nights
and bright mornings.

Companions had come for periods
of time, helping to build
up temporary atmospheres
and had left when
those surroundings had
vanished in the way time.
I know that those companions
who were once so close to me
but had left seemingly without trace even, are all
in my journey.
Nothing is forgotten
deep within at a point where
the universe and the self understands the oneness.

Do I carry the burden of my pains
and pleasures on my path,
or do I relieve myself
of that burden some where along the path?
The feeling of pains and happiness is relative,
relative to situations, relative
to the developmental stages of my understanding.

I move along that path now, without
understanding the turns, up hills and down hills
of that path in terms of time.
I know not,
the temporary companions who may come in future.
I just know and understand the fact
that the path lies ahead,
and that the Path Finder
walks beside me, now and for ever.

Realizations are inner feelings and it is not easy to explain this feeling to most people who may be reading my article, as this feeling, unless experienced by one self, can not be understood.
Yet, a poet and artist has an inner urge to express and to give his own personal world an entity through creativity.
Creativity is spontaneous like an urge to dance and sing to express a joy in heart.

I sing the songs that I
compose myself,
in my own tunes,
in my own way.

I dance in my own rhythm,
tapping my feet to the beat
that I make up,
swinging to the lilting
measures that are my own.

The songs that flow through me,
ripple through my soul
vibrating my entity
are those that I have been
singing for ages.
Those songs I have been
singing from the first day of creation.

I caper to my tunes not only
with my body,
but also with my soul.
I prance along my way of
life, with childhood joys,
with youthful exuberance
and with an inner vigour
that defies age and mortality.

My freedom in rhythm and melody
has resisted every social bondage,
bondage of age and decrees,
keeping me free.
As free as I was, on the day my
concept of creation was conceived in
consciousness at some celestial moment.

The poems or reflections, are utterances of my soul in a language that flows like paint splashing joy over my uneven path of life.
Moments of realizations in my yogic sadhana, or spiritual discipline, reveal glimpses of the "absolute". When I feel the mood for it, words flow from my heart, discarding the social hypocrisy and values of gain and loss.
The metaphysical world created by my thoughts, memories and feelings surpasses the physical world in dimension and magnitude and is definitely longer lasting than the physical one.

A feeling of the absolute
Dew drenched guava leaves,
sparkle in morning light,
mother’s lap of security,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
The sun on the veranda,
fluted pillars of colonial style,
playing in house of memories,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
Evenings with mother,
her love and warm touch,
learning to love life together,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
Hot afternoons in old city,
sweet mangoes on bell metal plates,
a good book that absorbed,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
A madeup accepted world,
with relations created with faith.
With faith that this acceptance would last
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
Cozy in the quilt on the bed,
reading magazines and eating chocolates,
blissful with mother’s assurance
in the faraway land,
that was all so near,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
A royal blue sky in the evening,
when the universe unfolded its truth,
and spread it through my consciousness,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
With my dog after midnight in park,
alone but in fullness with stars,
eternity that bared its glittering trove,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
Returning home from exhibition hall,
walking the pavement with a new found joy,
of showcased dreams and creative fulfilment,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
Rugged foothills and valleys green,
snowy peaks looming beyond,
I with a sketch book,
trying to capture,
the infinite in that small format,
a feeling of the absolute at that moment.
A feeling of the absolute that pervades me,
through life, through death,
through joy and pain,
beyond loss or gain,
reminding me, again and again,
that "absolute" and myself
were never twain.

I build my own world with subtle emotions and personal values while allowing it to spread out to the infinite expanse of nature that surrounds me. My emotional struggle with my own controversies and self contradictions are parts of the process that shapes my life and creative impulses.
I don’t accept the artificial values of the society and those who evaluate life with materialistic viewpoint have adjustment problems with me.
Yet, I suppose, this situation is normal for a "sadhaka" or a person on the conscious path of spiritual discipline, and I should not expect more from this society.
The society, in many aspects lays out dictums for success and failure, Yet in my opinion, such yardsticks are absolutely biased with shallow materialistic values.

Do I write these lines in fantasy?
Are the contemplations on dreams
just unsubstantial
gossamer threads
that melt into the air?
Do my thoughts
on my dreams
build up a world
more substantial than
the reality limited between
life and death?
Your answers to the
questions of life you
accept according to
your level of understanding
and sensitivity.
Many around me
settle their scores with
life with their concepts of
gain and loss in this material world.
Ideas of success that are based
on such concepts
may be illusions too,
fenced in by prejudice
and vanities of narrow
values imposed by
some institution called society.-

Elements of truth about different natural phenomenons that concern my yogic path I present in my own way, in my own words, helping me to pen down my philosophy of life.

The Essence of the Universe
In each particle of the self,
particle much finer than any division,
material physics can make,
much more finer than any
form known to material science,
the essence of the universe exists.
At the absolute point of fusion when
matter changes to energy
and energy changes to matter,
the essence of the universe exists.
In the dictum of emptyness
where space has an entity of its own,
in that all encompassing dimension of v
The essence of the universe exists
In subtleness of appreciation,
of art, literature and music,
subtleness free
from crude encumbrances of the self,
at a point when the self looses itself,
at that moment of appreciation,
the essence of the universe exists.
Beyond the concept of the universe,
visible or invisible,
beyond the conceptualization,
the essence of the universe exists.

In my poetic world, the spontaneous flow is important and there are no "made up compositions’ here.
To many in the materialistic world, plagued by envy and greed, I am a social failure yet I give very little importance to that world, and find solace and inspiration in my meditative dreams.

I live in my dreams,
day and night,
savouring my world of
built up illusions,
absorbing my imaginary
contemplations into my world,
My world, where imagination
supercedes the acceptance
of the substantial,
exists through dreams.
Work each day, each moment,
is promoted by some dream.
Aspirations of fantasy may
end up in delusive mirages,
Yet, my soul quenches its
unending thirst from those mirages.
Calculations in reality
do not provide me
the statistics of life.
My daydreams provide
a greater impetus.
My dreams are more
important than relationships
and social stability.
I have lived on through
all my lives,
through the aspirations of
my imaginations.

My poetry provides me with a fulfillment that surpasses any mortal shortcoming and helps me to continue in this eternal path beyond mortal concepts.
It is a part of me that will live on for ever in my Eternal soul, as an integral part of it.

by Prabal Pramanik

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Poet and artist Prabal Pramanik



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