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This website allows you to visit the world of an artist, Prabal Pramanik. This world is a realm of many hues, shapes and forms that materialize his feelings and emotions.
Different phases of his life, influences of various places and environments on his life from the creative aspects have been displayed on this website.
This site is being designed so that it will show the life of the artist through his art and will grow with his life.
Prabal Pramanik is an artist and writer too, so a lot of his writings find place in this website also. You can browse through this website with the ease of reading an illustrated book.

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Prabal Pramanik is a versatile artist who works in various mediums with equal ease. He has his original style and presentation of forms that allow a high level of aesthetic excellence.
Prabal’s creations find concrete expressions through paper cuttings, colour works and drawings forming his own world of art that he shares with art lovers all over the world through his exhibitions, books and websites.
He has an art complex at village Bhamlada in the heart of the Himalayan foothills.

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In my life of controversies, calamities, and cautionless gambles, art remains a steady factor allowing me to overcome all the self-contradictions only in one single aspect - creativity.
Creativity for the sake of the joy of creation, just because I cannot stop or help being involved in creative activities, though I had to battle against immense obstaceles repeatedly.
Some may like my works, some may not, but pleasing others is a factor that I’m least concerned with when I work to please myself.
Art exhibitions give a vent to my inner thoughts in public and indeed I’ve found that some people at least feel happy when viewing some of my works. Perhaps, these renderings may make you happy too.
Prabal Pramanik

In other worlds

I had been often asked by many people what inspired me to create. Amusing as the question seemed, it was never possible to give comprehensive answer to this query, as the word inspiration means many things to an artist.
To each and every artist who creates for the joy of creation the word inspiration signifies his own personal angle of acceptance of his or her environment and gives strange shapes to the word “joy” often allowing it abstract rationale that may connote intense pain too.
Creative impulse is as deep as existence which may have different meaning for each individual despite of the basic similarity in most physical demands.
So the world of each artist is a world by its own right having its joys and sorrows and its own perimeter.
Individual temperament, experience and aptitude differ greatly from one individual to another and artists are not exceptions to this rule.
Only difference is that an artist gives concrete shapes to his emotions by expressing them in a creative manner.
Very often, thoughts and feelings that seldom or never find a vent in everyday world of social values find expressions in various forms of art in many apparent and non-apparent methods.
As it depends on each individual temperament how it would react to a certain environment, the diversity of each artist’s world is immense, even in a limited area.
What may create a feeling of closeness in one may amount to nausea in other person.
The expanse and depth of the material world provide multi faced prism-like effect on each artist’s creative expressions and may improve or diminish according to practice and experience. Circumstances and the conditions the artist is exposed to are important also.
It is never possible for an outsider to penetrate fully into the individual solitude of the world of an artist and much less by just asking him to emphasize on “inspiration” behind his works.
But, the works themselves a say a lot, if not all, about his world and that message travels much further than the artist himself.
The world of the artist asserts dimensional gains over the material world by providing the other a cause for its existence.
Prabal Pramanik
(From the published book, “The images, reflections on life and art” by Prabal Pramanik)

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