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Understanding the meaning of true and honest culture

Prabal Pramanik

Culture is an important and necessary part of society. Without cultural development and understanding, the society in general remains in a crude and low psyche. Lack of culture retards personality development. A society that does not understand the meaning of honest and true culture, is never at a refined level, even if the people in that society have a lot of money and material wealth.

So, without the understanding of the meaning of true and honest culture, a society can never develop or gain a high level.

We must understand the truth, that the prestige gained by showing off money is never sincere or real, while the honour gained through honest and original cultural efforts is true and heart felt.

We should also understand that every presentation that goes in the name of culture may not be of high standard and help in the development of refined attitude in society.

Low grade cheap entertainments, copy works and so called art works that are made by stealing concepts from other people's original works are often presented in the name of culture in some areas.

This sort of presentations and exhibitions that try to promote copies and theft of ideas damage the social understanding and lower the cultural level of the society.

A tendency to copy in art harms the society and the individual doing it by retarding the imagination and original identification.

A person who has a tendency to copy finds it difficult to create original compositions and tries to steal ideas from other pictures.

The people who debase culture with their attitude of stealing ideas from others may even shamelessly exhibit their works as originals in the hope of fame and money.

These people sometimes try to steal ideas and violate copy right act. These dishonest people make some changes in the original composition made by some one else and try to evade copyright act.

The truth is, in the sphere of the originality and copyrights, the stealing of the concept or the idea even is considered a violation of the copyright act.

The society must not encourage such intellectual thefts and be cautious against such attempts.

Even if anyone changes a few lines and some words from a poem by a famous poet and shamelessly presents it as his or her own work, it is a direct violation of cultural norms. Such acts are illegal and immoral. People in general should be conscious against such wrong acts. Any cheap entertainment cannot be called a cultural work of high quality.

To make any pictorial and literary presentation worthy of the name of culture, if is necessary to be conscious of the standard of the work. Only when the society has proper knowledge of the standard of culture, understanding of the meaning of true and honest culture comes.



An Artist in nature, a relationship in solitude

Prabal Pramanik

The blue and green earth,
the starlit sky of eternity
and the dewdrenched
flower in the field
burst forth in the clelestial song of life.
The tunes of which do not reach your
ears deadened with insensitivity.
from "The Unknown Path" by Prabal Pramanik

I live in this little village in the hills. High mountains in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir appear in the background, contrasting against the sky. Shrub and trees cover the hills with mottled shades of green while terraced fields create uneven patterns in the valley.

Many different kinds of trees and smaller plants are found here. Evergreen conifers, deciduous trees of many kinds, wild date palms and giant cacti all find their place in these Himalayan foot hills. The hills, where "Bhamlada", my village is situated are still retaining a lot of their prositive charm that is lost in places crowded by unfeeling casual tourists.

The studio in this region situated in the lap of nature is ideal for a landscape painter. Landscapes, painted directly form nature have a special artistic appeal that can never be expected from second-hand copies from photographs.

Living in this little village I had been away from many conveniences of city life, but I have never been lonely, as the wide expanse of nature surrounds me with its dimensions of infinity, and provides a companionship too subtle to express in words.

General values of success do not apply in this world, where the personal perimeter dissolves away in an unfathomable space, as unfathomable as the blue firmament above.

A blue that can be experienced only at a place like this, far away from the pollution of any big metropolis. A green and buff valley stretches down from my studio. The shades of grey and blue change with time. The valley is surrounded by greyish blue hills.

At certain areas of the valley, there are terraced fields and a few clusters of homesteads form small villages, half hidden by foliage.

Winding lanes lead to secluded villages and pleasant streams that flow over small boulders.

Grassy green banks, rolling down to the water, where fish dart about in own under water world, the light sparkling on the ripples and the cool and deep shades of the hills beyond, in secluded beauty have their own place in this world.

The vibrations from nature are real and can be felt through nature in solitude. The relationship with nature forms in a personal manner. The solace from nature, away from sham artificial society of man is deep and true.

The wisdom of nature takes time to seep in, and unfolds only to the heart that is willing to accept that wisdom.

I have found that the wisdom of nature has its own rationality and one can in no way dispute that logic.

It is a dimension of truth eternal, that has remained and will remain forever. This realization comes with a feeling of expanse, an expanse that breaks down the narrow social evaluating line of success. The message of nature in all pervading consciousness is eternal, and this same message transcends through my art when I draw and paint with nature.

Painting directly from nature, allows me to absorb the positive vibrations of nature, an experience that can be only a realization, and nothing less than that.

Illusions that are built up by obsessions of career and success in the general social sense. I quite understand, that the message of eternity spreading through this flow of greens, blues and greys is not for everyone to understand, and only a few with truly sensitive souls can have that feeling.

The colours on my paper or canvas merge with the colours of nature, in an empathy of moods, a harmony that I realize through my creative joy.

It is an open and pure joy, that vibrate through my individual identity, to cause that identity to loose it self in nature through the reciprocal acceptance.




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