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This internet television channel is organized and maintained by Prabal Pramanik's Academy of Arts
as a part of the public information and cultural development project.

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KALYANIVARTA [ Internet television channel]

Online Music Album Release ........ Click here for music download

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St. George and the Dragon
(Click here)

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The Enchanted Palace
(Click here)

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The animal Concert (Click here)

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The Animal Film Company
(Click here)

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The Dance of Heera Bai
(Click here)

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The Magic Scissors (Click here)

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The Cockroach and the Lizard
(Click here)


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An artist in Bhamlada (Click here)


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Through the eye of a lens (Click here)



Social awareness documentary

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The crow and the scarecrow (Click here)
Pollution.jpg (13119 bytes)
Documentary on environmental pollution
in Dhar Block in Punjab, India (Click here)

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Book Release Programme
Kolkata  (Click here)



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Book Release Programme
Pathankot  (Click here)


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Christmas Exhibition by
Prabal Pramanik (Click Here)

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Differently Abled Children
and Art (Click Here)

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Radha-Krishna Leela
Shodow puppet show
(Click Here)

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Reflective Poetry
The Distant Call,
Dreams and Illusions
By Prabal Pramanik

ISBN No. : 978-81-89801-90-8

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Shadows of Clouds
on the Hills
By Prabal Pramanik

ISBN No. : 978-81-89801-91-5

a2.jpg (9866 bytes)

Mera Kabuliwala
By Priya Anand

ISBN No. : 978-81-89801-97-7